Supporting the industry to create the best digital maps for self driving cars and navigation.

Who we are

We are a small and highly efficient engineering company that helps our customers build digital maps for self driving cars and automotive navigation.

For over a decade, we are working together with the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) consortium and its members, providing technical solutions and tooling support for the automotive mapping industry including premium car manufacturers and their suppliers. We help driving innovation in the NDS consortium by providing technical analyzes and prototypes, and support our customers with tools that help them building solutions based on the leading industry standard for digital maps. Our work touches a wide range of topics: From shaping the next generation of distributed map system (NDS.Live) to engineering HD map components which are the basis for self driving cars. From building the bridge between cloud infrastructure and in-car map data distribution to visualizing all data layers of a digital map. We work closely together with all the leading developers of the industry to improve tomorrow's mobility experience of everyone.

Check out some of our work

Watch our CEO among others explain the new NDS.Live standard

We are a driving factor in the development of the new NDS.Live standard for distributed map data. Together with the architects from the whole industry we build the map format of tomorrow based on the knowledge and lessons learned from maintaining the industry leading NDS format for over a decade.


We actively support the Open Source community

Whenever possible we open source our projects to share our work with the rest of the community.
Why not head over to Github and take a look...


From Data inspection and visualization tools to cloud services and map creation

The projects we work on span across a wide field of expertise. Our initial focus on map inspection and visualization tools has been widened over the years and nowadays our portfolio also includes microservices, web applications, map creation/conversion and embedded prototypes.

Working at Klebert Engineering

Passionate about our work and looking beyond the horizon of today's task

We are a small team of pros that accepts any challenge, clicks when the going gets rough and has fun doing it all. Although we consider ourselves experts in our domains, we still learn and widen our scope continously and help out each other and the people we work with...
Every team member has the choice to

  • 🏬 work in office or remote
  • 🧙 code in C++, Python, TypeScript
  • 💻 on Linux, MacOS or Windows

Long story short: Come join us 👊

Current openings

Application Software Engineer - MapViewer & Data Inspection (C++/Qt)

Backend Software Engineer - MapData SaaS (C++/Python)

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You can find us at:

82194 Gröbenzell, Germany

Industriestr. 29

Contact Details:

+49 89 120 123 24